Friday night we stayed in with some really good music and some really bad wine. We started out by playing Scrabble, but Ant always quits when I start really kicking his ass, so that didn't last long. Let it be known, my little blog readers, that I am the CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE when it comes to Scrabble!

When we got tired of drawing on the surfboard, we switched to paper, and when we got tired of that we decided to draw on me. It was silly and fun at the time, but days later I'm still trying to get that shit off my skin!


Dani said...

Love the art work!!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

That's right, sister! I'm like a vampire - except when I stop posting, what I suck is your running ability! Which I don't mind being accused of at all, since that's probably the least offensive way I've ever been accused of sucking. In fact, it's almost a compliment.

So thanks.

I'll make you a deal: I'll start posting again when you start uploading more nekkid pix of yourself ... only THIS TIME don't cut them off at the good stuff!!1! Do you have ANY idea how frustrating that is for a perv like me?!?1? I mean, everybody's always all like "Think of the children!" But I'm like, Hey, think of us PERVS every once in awhile, huh? Is that asking too much?

Or, failing the nekkid pix, just give your posts titles so there's something unique to click on.

The title request is the authority-file-whipped librarian in me talking.

The nekkid pix request is the X-rated librarian in me talking.

See? I don't need to post at my blog - I'll just come over here and take over yours.

What are YOU gonna do about it?!1!?

(P.S. Please don't tell me that body-painting picture is actually of Ant, because if it is, thanks to certain things I did (which I won't go into, even though they are TOTALLY natural and not at all shameful) he and I may technically be engaged. In certain cultures, anyway.)

sumatra22 said...

You can draw on my GINORMOUS belly when you're in PA! Just make sure that they're non-toxic so little baby-cip doesn't have 4 noses!