DUDES!! It's my last day! Tonight we head down to Joel's place for the weekend (YAY!), and on Monday we fly back to the States!!! Can I get a high five?!?
Busy, busy, busy trying to get out of this job and this country. Everything except beer drinking has been sporadic - only getting in a very few short runs lately. I'll be back in the States on Monday so expect me to open my big mouth then!!!
I quit my job today!

Teddy, Lindsey, and I have some seriously sweet moves. We never could've pulled them off without Joel's awesome DJ skills. See us under that umbrella...ella...ella...ella? I somehow managed to hit two people with it on my way back to Joel's place after the bar. What the heck were those people doing out on the streets at 4 a.m. anyway?!? Their mothers would be so ashamed!
It's not even my umbrella! I "borrowed" it from whoever brought it to the bar! Ha! Now it's in my living room. :-)
My neighbor just banged on my door and asked me to stop singing. SUCK IT, NEIGHBORS!! I'm channeling my inner Beyonce over here, and you're busting up my groove!!!

Clearly they don't recognize talent when it slaps them in the face. Perhaps if they had seen the awesome dance moves accompanying my singing they would feel differently.
Since most of you back East are just waking up (hi, mom!) I offer you a little cuteness to get your day started:

Just a few of my first graders, trying desperately to master the difference between the letter 'P' and the letter 'F.' From top to bottom: Michelle, Alice, Clark, John, and Dave.

My job continues to infuriate me, most recently by not giving me my diploma back - which is actually illegal. My employers seem to be incredibly gifted at bending and stretching the law, and then suddenly following it just before they're about to get penalized, so I'm sure I'll get it back, it's just a freakin' hassle for something that should be totally hassle free. On my own personal HOW MUCH ARE THE RACIST, SEXIST LIARS I WORK FOR BOTHERING ME TODAY SCALE, this actually falls pretty low, as I can easily buy another one from my university (apparently the 35+ grand I spent on the 1st one didn't include the cost of a copy), it's just one more frustrating battle to get what is rightfully mine. Every month it's something, from them not paying me, to them paying me but taking mysterious fees out of my check, etc., etc. But, at least I don't have this guy's job! And, at least I'm not poor Kevin: