Man oh man I want some Eggs Benedict like you guys would not believe! Think it's time to take myself to John's Ocean Beach Cafe!!
I liked Alice in Wonderland. Especially the Karate Kid preview.
It must be that time of the year when people who always struggle wind up struggling even harder, because my job (I assist those who tend to struggle) has been unbelievably stressful this past week. It started with a welfare check on a client who hadn't been heard from in a few days. I entered her room with my supervisor to find that she was no longer with us. The details are fuzzy, but it looked liked her last few hours weren't the most peaceful. Dealing with the fire department, police, and coroner is not nearly as cool as it looks on CSI. I hate when TV lies to me. It's been stressful, to say the least. I'm not normally bothered by death too much, but this one really threw me.

You'd think after that, every other crisis would pale in comparison, but it's really just been downhill from there. I called it quits about an hour early today and came home for a little rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. TGIF!

Tonight I'm off to see Alice in Wonderland! I'm a big fan, and hoping for big things! Hopefully Mr. Burton doesn't let me down!
What a week! Never, ever in my life have I felt like I deserved a weekend as much as I do now!

How are you guys? Tell me something good.