I gotta admit, zoos make me a little frisky, too. :-)
I love zoos, even though I know it's not PC to love zoos anymore because we're supposed to want all the animals to be free and roaming around in the wild. Whatever. On my list of "PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME ROLL MY EYES," those who boycott zoos on the grounds that they aren't fair to the animals are right up there with vegetarians who wear leather.
Anyway, my awesome boyfriend who says he has a job but never seems to work went into the office 2 hours late on Friday and then sent me a text 40 minutes later saying, "WANNA GO TO THE ZOO?" Fuck yeah I wanna go to the zoo!!! So, off we went.

The SF Zoo is a bit small, and reminded me a lot of the Singapore Zoo because they use so many natural barriers and they have a pretty large aviary. Gotta say, I've been to zoos all over the world and I haven't found one yet that beats the Philadelphia Zoo.

We named this guy Tina Turner.

I seriously hate monkeys.
But (!!!!!) unlike most zoos, this one has a carousel! And since it was a bit rainy and not crowded at all we got to ride it all by ourselves!! When does that ever happen?!?

On our way out we stopped at the children's zoo, and all hell broke loose when a fight broke out!

The apes were nowhere to be found, but we had a blast making up captions for this picture. Seriously, the possibilities for amusement from this pic are endless. Whatcha got?

I forget what kind of bird this is, but he had a ton of attitude and I thought he was so cool.


Shells Bells said...

I hope I get to meet Ant one day..you guys are too cute :) I too love zoos and sometimes lots of leather and fur..

pittchick said...

Have you been to the san diego zoo or the national zoo in dc? I think they're both better than the philly zoo.

achilles3 said...

a. cincinnati zoo kicks ass
b. big ape "there's still shit on your hand"
lil ape "shut the fuck up and smile"
c. that last picture is super scandalous