San Francisco, CA -------> Joshua Tree National Park, CA -------> Saguaro National Park, AZ -------> Austin, TX -------> New Orleans, Louisiana -------> Memphis, Tennessee -------> Nashville, Tennessee -------> Cleveland, OH -------> Pittsburgh, PA -------> Allentown, PA -------> Sunbury, PA -------> San Francisco, CA

How's that for a fucking road trip?!?!? WOOO FREAKING HOOOO!!!!!

It's a very rough draft, with lots of possible changes swirling around in my big ol' brain, and of course much of how I actually get into PA will depend on the weather as I get closer to the East coast. But I'm soooooo excited!!!!!!!

I leave Monday! Lots of updates on the way!


pittchick said...

Give me a time frame for Cleveland/Pittsburgh when you can, so I can mke sure to be home.

Marcy said...

Have fun!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You're making that trip in Einstein?

Hope you're stopping to see a few chiropractors along the way, sister, to stretch your spine back out ...

Good luck! Have fun! Enjoy the beer! O ... and the scenery, too, I guess ...

brownie said...

Why the fuck would you go to Cleveland?

sumatra22 said...

Jes, I am so excited! And I can't believe this but I have to agree w/ BBJTJR...Cleveland??? OK, I know, Rock n Roll hall of fame. My buddy Bob is there, too. He could show you around! Bob rocks!

sumatra22 said...
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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Well, sister, someone already pointed out to ME that if you go to Wiktionary, two of the definitions for "nonce" are

(UK, slang, pejorative) A sex offender, especially of children; a paedophile.
That bloke who lives at number 20 is a nonce!
(UK, slang) A stupid or worthless person

which I did not know, nor was I employing it in either of those fashions.

But I may in the future.

And ... never doubt Teh 'Bride's acute sense of smell! I was down to my last 5 bottles of Mystery Beer, so I had to bottle some brown ale that was ready(ish) - I would have liked to've given it another week to ferment - and I am madly brewing up other concoctions, and generally just coaxing the various tubs-o'-liquid in my basement and garage into becoming more beer-like.

The brown ale, which is now potable, turned out good.

But it's not enough. I must have a greater stock of beer before I will feel secure. Or I could end up drinking Schlitz, like brownie; but I have more respect for my body than that.

So I assume you are a woman of your word and all is forgiven? Because you LIED before when you tied your lack of motivation to run to my not blogging because ... whud you go and do the very next day, then?

Run. That's what.

So this better not be another one of those lies to draw me out when I should be brewing. Because if it is I will find Einstein and you, wherever you may be in this great country of ours, and I'll step on you both and squash you like a bug.

I'll do it.

I'm kinda a nonce (2nd definition, above) like that.

I just previewed this comment and I think it should count as a post because, hey, it's 17 time longer than your post that I'm attaching it to. (I hope the extra weight doesn't cause your post to become detached from the internet and fall out of your PC onto the floor, where you can maybe paint it or something like you did that surf board.)

O, yeah ... Enjoy your trip!

joyRuN said...

Have a great time & be safe.

Ignore that verbose one up there. He's a nonce, but not just for the nonce.

Great Muir post.

Not So Silent Bob said...

Don't forget to come through Colorado on you way back. We will tip a few I promise.