Yesterday Ant came home from work early (I don't really believe he even has a job) and we loaded up the Sprinter, got into our smelly wetsuits, and headed to Crissy Field to do some paddling. I think I set a new record for most number of falls in a 5 minute time span. Ant, who was probably a fish in all of his past lives, was like, "It's a little bumpy today, right," as he zoomed past me at warp speed. I was like, "BUMPY?!?!? #@!!$@#! A tsunami would be easier to paddle through than these freakin' waves!!" And SPLASH! I was in the water again!

Despite the fact that I spent more time in the water than on the board, it was a super fun time. The water was freezing but it was warm and sunny so it felt awesomely refreshing every time I fell. Enjoy the pics. In the ones where I'm actually standing, that's Angel Island in the background. In the sitting ones you can see Alcatraz. And the one with the blimp? I'm the teeny tiny speck waaaay out there.


Shells Bells said...

California life looks like a good time! You look like a natural out there in the water xoxo

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, sister, what's an adrenaline junkie like you gonna do while you're on road to get these cheap thrills? Rob banks?

This comment was designed to get you added to the Homeland Security Watch List.


They give THE BEST cavity searches. Makes it TOTALLY worth it.