Have you guys met my good friend Cassidy? No?!? I didn't think there was anyone on the planet who didn't know Cass. Going to a bar with this guy can be quite annoying when it's time to leave cause he's gotta shake hands, kiss babies, and say goodbye to about a kazillion people and I'm all, "DUDE! I WAS READY TO LEAVE 6 HOURS AGO!!" He's so freaking popular we can't even get through a few miles on trail without him having to touch base with his fans. Grrr!! Who talks on their cell phone while they're hiking?!?!?Anyway, Cass is, truly, one of my favorite people on the planet. We met almost 13 years ago, when I was a mere 20 year old and he tried to pick me up at the bar I worked at. I was like, "Don't you think you're too old for me?!? Ugh!" And we've been friends ever since. See? Here we are being friends:

Whenever I get to PA we always have bfast at Nicks, then head off to Jim Thorpe, PA to do some hiking, then have some beer at one of the local bars (usually JT's). So, that's what we did this time around, too. It's our thing. The trail was a bit icy, which caused a few bruises when I fell, but it wasn't cold at all and I had a super fun time. The trail pretty much goes straight up past 3 waterfalls and in the winter there are always ice climbers doing their thing by the highest fall. The trail tops out just beyond the edge of the 3rd fall, and every year some moron gets too close to the edge and plummets to the sharp rocks below, which doesn't sound like a very good way to go to me.
Here's some pics from our hike the other day:

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Thanks, sister! That 4th picture down is perfect! I'll just edit Cass out, and post it all over the library over a caption saying, "If you see this woman, CALL SECURITY IMMEDIATELY and have her removed from our 5-Star Premises!"

You just did half my work for me.

You're a real peach.