So, not the best pictures, but you can (sort of) see the bird that got trapped in our house this morning. The poor thing just kept flying headfirst into the window over and over. And over. And over. Until I finally got my hungover arse off the couch and went to see what the F all that noise was. I don't really like birds - they're right up there with monkeys in the "animals I wouldn't be sad to see become extinct" category, but I didn't want the dirty thing to start shitting all over the place so I did my best to usher it out. Man oh man was that ever a fiasco! Finally Ant was able to get it out with pretty minimal effort. Birds are too dumb to figure out how to fly back out through the same door they flew in, but they seem to have no trouble understanding that I hate them and they usually give me a pretty hard time about it.

That, and catching Coraline in 3D, pretty much sums up my excitement for today.

Last night we had Ant's mom over for dinner, and Ant was awesome enough to cook us all some steak fajitas. It was looking like a nice, quiet evening with good fun and just a little wine, and - BAM!!! - these dudes show up:
So much for a quiet night! Stefaans, Cupcake, and Taylor. I love those guys! The downhill spiral pretty much went like this: wine ---> margaritas ---> beer ---> strawberry vodka ---> something I can't remember but had no business drinking ---> me waking up on the couch at the crack of dawn, holding my head and wondering why the room was spinning. Luckily I was able to catch a few photos before I crashed on the couch!

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Thanks for not giving the bird the Death penalty!

(Or is it flipping the bird the death penalty? Whichever! Point is, Thanks!)