Well, it's a bright and sunny 9 a.m. here in the Bay Area. Guess the sooner I go for a run, the sooner I can crack open a beer!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

THAT's the spirit, sister!

Have one for me, too! Then, go down to the local pub and get into a brawl before Noon for me too.

Then have another beer for me.

Then pick up a cute girl and have uninhibited sex with her for me. Make it two girls, if you can swing it. (I'm married, so I can't do it myself anymore.)

Then two-eight more beers. (For me.)

Then, blackout for a few hours.

Then brush teeth. (That's more for you than me, to be honest.)

Bed. (No sex this time, though a bed is totally optional for the earlier sex. In fact, try, if you can, to have THAT sex on a table top or an inclined plane of some sort, because that would be hotter.)

You'd do this for me if you were a good friend!

Have a good run!

Shells Bells said...

How did your hippie meat turn out?

Anonymous said...

Checking your blog from VA!

Bob said...

Jes, get one of those hats that have beer can holders on both sides and are connected by a long straw. You could double your pleasure by drinking up and running at the same time.