While I was home in PA, my dear friend Quick N Little (that's us, above) was kind enough to throw together a last minute hash so I could get my yearly fix of the LVH3. A small, but lovable, group of half-minds assembled at Jabber Jaws in Allentown, PA for a beer or three before heading out on trail, which was set by QNL. We hashed our way through streets, alleys, parking lots...over fences, through a cemetary...all to finally arrive at our beverage of choice - BEER! Beer checks included Woody's and the Hotel Grand before we finally hashed our way back to Jabber's for the circle. It was a great trail - lots of fun, and the perfect amount of r*nning between checks! If you don't know what a hash is, click the link above, then find one near you and go!!! I've hashed all over the world, and it is always a damn good time!

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Sounds like a good time, Sister!