Taking a forced rest day today from running today, which will bring my latest rest day streak up to 3 days. Not good. Saturday I was just lazy. Yesterday I felt like a big pile of garbage so I mostly lounged around in bed, napping on and off and watching movies. Today, the yellow dust is too high. It tore up my throat (which is already a bit irritated) on the walk to school. Yellow dust is made up of sands from the desert in Mongolia, which get windswept across China, picking up all kinds of yummy pollutants on their trip, and then get blown over here to Korea. It's named because, well, it's yellow. It clouds everything in a weird yellow haze, and leaves a fine yellow dust all over everything. Korea is the only place I've ever heard of where you can check the weather and find that the forecast is "dusty."

Along with the crappy air, the mild cough I had last week decided sometime yesterday afternoon to totally blow up. I rested and drank enormous amounts of tea, I gargled, and I took enough ibuprofen to destroy even the strongest liver, and I still spent 20 minutes this morning hacking up all kinds of yellowish/greenish globs of I don't even know what. I've entertained some thoughts of going to a gym to use the dreadmill if I'm feeling better after work, but even as I type that my body is like, "HAHAHAHA!!! Who do you think you're kidding?!?! You couldn't get these legs to run right now if your life depended on it!"


joyRuN said...

Geez, girl! Sounds like the rest days are completely warranted, especially if you're coughing that crap up. Plus isn't your body still thrown off from the time change/overall adjustment from California blue skies to Korean dusty?

Melanie said...

a dusty forecast does seem pretty unusual! Glad you're taking a few extra days rest... hope you start feeling better soon :)

achilles3 said...

Drink two for whining.
I had a yellow dust sandwich today for lunch.
It was amazin.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Jes, she went to Korea,
To see which again was a must;
Then got herself caught in a sea a'
Yellow Mongolian dust.

"My throat globs are greenish and yellow
"I'm horking them up by the pound
"Good thing Ant's an agreeable fellow,
"Cos most guys would run, ne'er to be found."

Hope you get better soon, sister. Take care of your liver. You'll need it to drink all that Rolling Rock no one else wants.