After we climbed our little hearts out at Boramae Park on Saturday, we wandered around until we got to the barefoot park. It's a short path full of different sized stones. Some small, sharp, and painful, others large and smooth. It works the same way reflexology does, so different pressure points in your feet correspond with different areas of your body. Other than that I don't know much about it, but you mofos can feel free to google away until your little hearts are full of reflexology knowledge. Then share it with me, cause I'm too lazy to look it all up myself.
I have a thing about feet.
I kinda liked this, though. I kept my socks on because, well, who the hell knows what kind of nasty foot gunk was in there before me?!? Still, even with the socks parts of it really hurt!
I also wanna take a moment to say hi to my friend Kiwi, and let him know that even though I didn't respond to his Facebook message (I NEVER respond to Facebook messages) I've been reading/trying the new meditation technique he suggested and I really like it!
Oh, and thanks to Ant for letting me steal the photos. :-)


Kiwi said...

Great, I am glad you like it! :-)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Teh 'Bride has a weird anti-foot thing going on, too. She only likes baby feet.

Melanie said...

awesome pics, i'm not a big foot person either :)