Today I taught my 4th graders my THERE'S NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!! dance. They totally loved it!

And then the questions started.

"Teacher!!! What will you do tomorrow?"
"Teacher Teacher Teeeaaacherrrr!!! "
"Will you and your Ant have date tomorrow?" (I love that they always say "your Ant." I correct them, but they say it everytime. Cracks me up.)

"No. No date tomorrow, because Ant has to work. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! SUCKAH!!!!!"

"Teacher!! What is 'suckah' mean?!?"

"Uh.....nothing! Open your books!!!"

Teacher of the year, folks. Teacher.Of.The.Year.

In other news, the weather here has been fantastic! Warm, but no humidity yet. Trees are blooming, flowers are blossoming. I can do without winter, but I really missed the change of seasons during my year in San Francisco. I love the start of spring and fall. It was so nice out this morning I even got my lazy butt out of bed early and ran for a bit. Yay me!
The afternoons have been great, too. I also really like watching the days get longer. In Korea days are actually 26 hours long, but only after daylight savings time. OK, I'm kidding. I meant, I like that there's more daylight. Yesterday I stopped at the mini-stop on my way home from work for some outside beer drinking. I was joined by my buddy/co-worker Patrick. We chatted and had a few beers, then accosted Ant on his way out of the subway and made him go to dinner with us. It was some of the best food I've had here!

Alright, I'm done rambling. Back to class.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Way to corrupt the poor 10 year-olds, sister!

"Tomorrow's lesson: How to Tell a Suckah from a Mofo! (Hint: 'Mofo's leave comments on my blog.)"

I'm assuming by "date" you're using code for a different word that starts with "s" has an "e" in the middle and ends ... in roughly 30 seconds unless I think about baseball or something, then, possibly, 45 seconds WHICH SHOULD BE ENOIUGH FOR ANY NORMAL WOMAN!!1!

So ... Ant doesn't get any on work days? Isn't that being kinda arbitrary and withholding, sister?

I'm officially on hunger strike until Ant gets some on a work day.

Ball's in your court, sister. If I die of starvation from Ant's lack of nookie, let it be on your head.

Plus, think about it! Your next post could be about the mating habits of the Mexican Ant and the Withholding Korean Jes!

Melanie said...

your Ant, that's cute :) Have a great weekend with your 26 hour days! LOL I'd miss the change of seasons too, except the coming of winter...

raulgonemobile said...

I was laughing at your post, and then I come here and read G's comment.. Just dyin' now.

Have a great day off, have a couple of extra beers in those extra couple of hours. :)