Saturday afternoon we had Achilles over for lunch. Fast forward 12 hours and we had somehow found ourselves at a random bar in Sinchon wasted out of our gourds. Especially yours truly, who didn't even think of getting out of bed until 5 p.m. on Sunday. Ant was totally sympathetic to my plight, as he spent most of the day laughing at me and referring to me as "The Barfer."

To sum it up, I'll give you a quote from a text I received from Achilles last night, "As my brain heals I'm realizing what a fuckin' blast I had!!"
Seriously. It was a total blast. And how 'bout the last picture, where Ant tried (unsuccessfully) to climb the walls of the subway? Hahaha.


Melanie said...

Great pics!

achilles3 said...

That first pic is down right scary.

jeff said...

haha! i used to climb stuff when i'd get drunk. my finest achievement was a three story brick building that was having a party on the roof. seriously, there were some 5.10c moves on that thing!