I'm interrupting my planned post on The Great Wall to tell you guys 2 little things about my life lately.

1. I cannot think of the words in any language to explain how much work has sucked, sucked, sucked this week. No particular reason, just finals to make, give, and grade, lots of last minute meetings ending in phrases like, "And I need it by tomorrow," and those damn 1st graders. I hate 1st graders.

2. JES AND ANT'S DAY O' FUN!!!! Let me tell you guys that for 2 people who don't do much, Ant and I have a rather difficult time spending time together. We work opposite schedules, so when I'm home he's not, and vice versa. He needs way more beauty sleep than I do, so he usually falls asleep a few hours before me. So, I got it in my head to plan a whole day of fun stuff for us to do together, which is a bit more difficult than it seems. First, I had to make sure Ant would participate, which meant he would have to agree to stay in Seoul and not run off to the mountains to go climbing. Luckily, he mentioned over Sam Gyeop Sal one night that the people he usually goes climbing with were leaving Thursday for a trip, so he couldn't go because of work. Sweet! So I picked that date, waited a few days, and asked if he was interested, and he was all, "Oh yeah, I don't mind missing climbing," which, of course, really meant, "I can't go climbing so I guess I might as well do something with my girlfriend so she doesn't bitch next weekend when I want to stay at the mountain Saturday and Sunday." It's cool Ant, I understand.
So, my plan involved being outside for pretty much the entire day, because I secretly snuck off and bought us some new bikes to cruise around on!!! I knew Ant would be so excited and so surprised, and Jes and Ant's day of fun would be AWESOME!!!
And then I woke up on Saturday, and it was POURING. I have never seen it rain so hard for so long. It rained so hard that I was starting to wonder if I should have listened to that voice I heard that told me to build a huge boat and put a bunch of animals on it. I was bummed.
So, this is how Jes and Ant's Day of Not So Much Fun went:

Me: Good morning.
Him: Morning. What's wrong?
Me: It's raining, so Jes and Ant's Day of Fun is ruined.
Him: So, can I go back to sleep?
Me: Fine. Sigh.
Him: snore.

So, what did we do all day? We went to Home Plus and bought hangers and a clothes hamper for our dirty stuff, cleaned our apartment, and did laundry. Blech.

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I heart you.