First, the dull stuff:

1. Ran (yesterday) for 3 miles on the dreadmill at the gym, average pace being 8.6 km/hr. Yeah, it's slow and short, but shut up. Had an AWESOME leg workout using all their shiny new equipment, then went back to the dreadmill and did another 2.5 miles, this time averaging 9 km/hr. Yeah, still pretty slow and short, but shut up.

2. I'm seriously ready for the Monsoon to make it's way outta Seoul. Our beloved bike path is under water, my shoes are always wet, and this constant grayness is pissing me off. As long as it doesn't leave here and head to the section of the Philippines we're going to. Maybe it could go bother someone else for awhile?

3. Got my bathing suits, and I love them - all of them! That's quite an unusual feeling, as usually when I combine my body and tiny little pieces of fabric the first word that comes to mind is certainly not 'love.' I think I'm much more forgiving of my body now that I can shrug and say, "Whatev. I'm in my 30's."

4. Since trying said bathing suits on, I have eaten a dinner consisting entirely of fritos and beer, scarfed down ice cream right before bed on numerous occasions, and had a ridiculous amount of fried chicken. I may not love those bathing suits so much the next time I put them on. Whatev. I'm in my 30's.

And now, some fun stuff:

Friday night Ant and I headed to Seokgye for dinner (dak galbi - yumyumyumyumyum!) and then we walked around for a bit before deciding to stop into some random bar for a beer or two. Maybe 45 minutes or so after we got there, my coworkers showed up. Pretty strange coincidence, indeed, but made for a really fun night.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Uh, Creepy Old Guy Request:

Where are the pix of you in the skimpy new bathing suits? You can't go around mentioning new bathing suits then not following thru w/ the cheesecake shots.

I'll be very forgiving in my critiques: After all, you're in your 30s!

Sarah said...

Oh man - I'm in my thirties too! Thanks for permission to be OK