I know I promised you guys some pictures of monkeys and haven't delivered yet - I've been a bit busy. I'm very busy and important over here, you know.

Ran last night, and it really sucked. My body just wasn't in the groove it needed to be to complete the miles, and even with Rockzilla I was bored. Boredom is my kryptonite. It just kills me! But, I finished the planned run anyway and then headed to the gym to do a bit of weights. I was feeling a bit down by the small amount of weight I was lifting. I kept thinking, "I know I'm stronger than this!! Why am I so freaking weak today? I don't even feel tired! OMG, what if I'm sick again? I was soooo weak when I was diagnosed..." And then I remembered that the weights are in kgs instead of lbs. Haha. Makes a bit of a difference. Geez, I'm a moron. But, I'm a fairly strong moron, so at least I've got something going for me!!

So...here's what I'm thinking about my bike situation (I promise I'll shut up about it soon), and please feel free to weigh in. I was gonna just go and buy a bike similar to Tara - relatively cheap, cruiser style - because when we leave here in a few months I'll just have to basically find someone to give it to or ditch it somewhere. Which means I will have to get yet another bike when we move to wherever we move to next (What's that? There are apartments for rent in Manitou Springs, CO? Hmmm...did you hear that, Ant?!?). That will be the 5th bike I've paid for in 3 years (although one was a gift so that doesn't really count).

I was planning a surprise trip to Hong Kong for Ant and I for our upcoming anniversary, then he surprised me by saying he was going back home during that time (and didn't surprise me at all by saying that he didn't even know we had an anniversary - stupid boys), so I have some extra money that in my mind and budget was already spent. I was gonna use the cash to just take myself somewhere (why, hello, Saipan, you're looking lovely this time of year!) but now I'm thinking that maybe I should use that money plus a little extra and just buy a decent bike. I'll have the added expense of shipping it to wherever we go to next, but it might still work out better in the long run.

And if we end up going to a place where I can't use it right away (hello, beaches of Indonesia!) I can just ship it to PA, because what are parents for if not to store their adult children's stuff? Kidding, mom (sort of) (not really).

In other news - 2 more days of work and then a month of vaca! Off to the mountains for 3 days (Songnisan National Park), and then over to Surgao (I totally spelled that wrong - sorry, JoyRun!) for a few weeks of sun, sand, and surf! Man, I love my life!

Alright, enough of my incessant rambling. How are you guys?


rockstar said...

I'm jealous you have a month off. I'd give anything for ONE DAY.

Did you get my e-mail about your cell phone number and the conversation I had through texts with someone I thought was you, but apparently wasn't?

Sophie is getting big, and with that comes learning new things like, how to climb up on the couch and run around on it.

She already fell off once and whacked her head. I was hoping that would have taught her a lesson, but it didn't. Ten minutes later, she was back up on the couch running around. I feel like I'm talking to a dog. "Sophie, sit!", "You SIT on the couch", "SOPHIE! SIT! NOW!"

Sigh. Maybe getting her a helmet as Jay suggested really isn't such a bad idea afterall.

Shells Bells said...

A month off?? You must be working at the best fucking hagwon ever!! Seriously - you should totally swing on over to Abu Dhabi!

joyRuN said...

Don't forget, I'm "Fauxlipina" so I couldn't tell you if you're spelling that right or wrong :)

Enjoy the MONTH off!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I was planning a surprise trip to Hong Kong for Ant and I for our upcoming anniversary, ... (and ... he didn't even know we had an anniversary - stupid boys) ...


Worst way in the world to wake up:

Teh 'Bride: Guess what day this is?

GQH [Thinking: O, F*CK!1! Is this the "anniversary" of our first date? Our First Kiss "Anniversary"? The "anniversary" of the first time I disappointed her in bed? (<--She wanted a breakfast of scrambled eggs and I had made fried. Why? Whud ya think i meant?)]: Hummina hummina hummina ... Your birthday?

Teh 'Bride: It's trash day. Take out the trash. AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN MY BIRTHDAY IS!1!!1!!!

You girls and your "anniversaries" ...

Bob said...

You should love your life, Jes. You definitely have more fun on the fun barometer than the rest of us. Love your joy,your outlook on life and how well you live it. Enjoy the vacation....

Anonymous said...

can i use the bike while i'm storing it?

--the mom

Carolina John said...

holy crap, a month of vacation! wow, i haven't had a whole week off since 2000. enjoy it.