Know one of the many things I love about Korea?

The fact that they've never given up on the hula hoop. The other night Ant and I were at our favorite watering hole downing a few cold ones, and he was like, "Hey, look! There's hula hooping going on over there!" And sure enough, right in the middle of the street at 9:30 at night some ajumma was just giving that hula hoop all she had! It was awesome. Even my gym has a bunch of hula hoops, and the ladies all just get in a circle and hula hoop forever while catching up on the latest gossip.

In other news, it's our last day of work! Tomorrow we head south to Songnisan National Park, and Tuesday we head to the islands!!!

Woo Muthafuckin' Hoo!!!!


The short story is... said...

Hey Jes! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I've been lurking are one funny girl. So sorry about Tara. That just sucks!

I've heard that hula hoops are making a big comeback because they are a seriously hard-core ab workout!

Seriously...try it, you won't be able to take a deep breath for about a week.

(This I know because my daughter, when she was little, had a hula hoop, and I had to show her how todo it...and I paid the price for being a good mom!)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

my MIL swears by her hula hoop too :) but it would be funny to see out in the middle of the street! Have a great time at the park and in the islands if I don't chat with ya before then! :)

PlaysByEar said...

I am so ashamed

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hula hoops, huh? Do they have bomb shelters, too, and beatniks and do they talk a lot about "Leaving it to Beaver" and when they do they don't even mean anything sexual and is their president Dwight Eisenhower and do they wear bobby sox?

June: Ward, weren't you a little hard on Teh Beaver last night?

Ward: I thought you were into that.

Eddie Haskell: My, that's a very fetching Dominatrix's outfit you have on, Mrs. Cleaver.

June: Shut the f*ck up, Eddie, you kiss-@$$!1! You're not getting any of THIS!

Carolina John said...

my kids just discovered hula hoops. neither one is big enough to do it yet, but they sure do love trying.

brownie said...

Hula hooping is the national sport of Manitou!