Saturday was the hike, and that plus a tiny bit of stretching was enough exercise for me that day.

Sunday I headed out early for a run, and did just over 4 miles (4.38 according to mapmyrun) on the bike path by the river. It had flooded in several spots, and there were crews everywhere working their butts off to clear the water and mud off the path. I love that park so much that I made sure to thank each and every crew member I ran past!

Yesterday I did an easy 3 miler and also threw in a shoulder and back workout at the gym, as well as a butt load of sit ups. Then, I rode my bike to work.

I'm contemplating trying to run from Wolgye to Hwarangdae this evening. Hmmm...I'm more worried about getting lost than I am about finishing it, because I can always just walk if I need long as I can find my way to Seokgye I can cut down to the bike path, and from there I can make it home with my eyes shut.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You intend to run only from Wolgye to Hwarangdae? AND you intend to cut down the bike path in Seokgye?

Only p*ssies do that!

You should run from Wolgye to AT LEAST Harrrummmphaldae! INCLUDING over the ploknitsans in Prklefjordskae! ALL 27 OF THEM!1!

Anything less would embarrass brownie and the rest of your family!

Cowboy up, already, and DO IT RIGHT!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

nice of you to thank the crew!! Nice job on the run :)