Since some douchebag decided he could take anything he wanted even if it very clearly belonged to someone else I no longer have a bike. Poor Tara. She must be so scared. I hope they spray painted her a decent color, at least.

It totally pisses me off that there were, no kidding, 8 (!!!!) UNLOCKED bikes lying next to Tara, who WAS locked, and they didn't touch even one of those. It's not that I wish someone else's bike had been stolen, it's just that I really, really wish mine hadn't been. Ant (who can remain upbeat about it because he still has a bike) says it's because my bike was the best one there, and he's right - IT WAS THE BEST BIKE EVER!!!! It had fenders, and a huge basket, and it looked skinny and light but actually weighed a freakin' ton - just like me!!! It's because I'm made of Quantonium, like the ultra strong chick in that movie, Monsters vs. Aliens. Seriously.

I had sort of decided without really thinking about it that I wouldn't be able to get another bike while here in Korea. I really can't afford it, and since we're transients here I'd only be able to ride it for a few more months before it would be too cold and icy, and we'll be gone before it warms up again. But just one day of hoofing it and having to take taxis to places that Tara usually took me has me thinking differently. It still seems like a waste of money, but I don't care. I'll probably make it back in saved subway, bus, and taxi fare anyway.


In other news, long run Sunday (long for me, anyway) and it sucked but I powered through. Last night I did 34 minutes (the plan I'm following called for a 30 minute run) while Ant skateboarded along. Well, actually, he skateboarded ahead, then waited for me to catch up, then skateboarded get the idea. I'm still enjoying it, but man oh man am I slow. How do you speedy speedsters do it?!?


joyRuN said...

Ohhhh that SUCKS! So sorry to hear about Tara :(

dangerousgraham said...

We have this hall area where the post gathers in our flat building. There were two bikes parked there for ages and Sonya used to leave her bike there sometimes. After a while the two bikes were never there anymore, the owners probably moved. Now and then Sonya continued to leave her bike out there (told her not to. keep mines indoors. but then...I'm over cautious!). One day while I was home someone knocked on the flat door. I could hear the knock as our room was near the flat door. Nobody ever comes calling for me so I ignored it. 1 hour later when Sonya came home her bike was not there. So, someone who knew her bike would be there and with keys to our flat front door, ie an ex tennant, pinched it.

With deepest sympathy.


Terrish B said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss.... I say you should just treat yourself to another lover! It will pay off in the long run... but that is just my opinion. Hang in there ;-) I have never named either of my bikes, I just call one ORBEA and the other one CERVELO. I am pretty boring huh?? ha,ha

Missy said...

sonofabitch! WHO leaves the unlocked one's and takes the locked one, really? Tara must have been one super cool chick.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

that sucks about Tara... bastards :(

Great job on the running, and if you get the secret about the speedy speedsters, please do share :D

Sarah said...

The kid who stole your bike is bring very bad karma into their life. So sorry!