Well, after a ridiculously small amount of deliberation and a ridiculously long phone call with Orbitz, Ant decided to stay in the Philippines. Cause, dude, there's some sweet swell coming in, bro. He extended his stay for 11 more days, which, believe it or not, is the longest we've been apart since the moment we laid eyes on each other (clearly the best day of his life). Can you guys believe it took him that long to take a break from me?!? :-) Shit, even I don't go that long without taking a break from me!

Not surprisingly, I miss having the ol' ball and chain around, especially when it's time to refill my coffee mug or beer glass. It's been pretty boring and quiet without him at home. I was getting a bit mopey being all by myself, until finally I decided that maybe this break was a good thing for us, and maybe I should take this time and really figure some stuff out.

So, I've decided to see other people.

And while I was a bit unsure and nervous at first, it's actually gone pretty well.

Last night, for example, I had a few beers with Daniel Craig (you know, the famous British Secret Service guy, 007?), before moving on to dinner with that guy from the Transporter movies. Who cares what his name is - have you seen him?!? Hotness like that does not require a name. By the time dinner was finished I was pretty beat and thought I'd just head to sleep, but then I decided to check in on an old high school flame, Zac Efron. I headed to sleep as soon as Zac finished serenading me about how he won the big state basketball game - I mean, 3 in one night is plenty...any more than that and people are gonna start to talk.

Sadly, none of them put out. But, anything before the third date and I'd think they were too easy, anyway. :-)

Oh, and I've also invented a new cuisine. Mexican/Korean fusion. I'm still deciding on the name - either Korexican or Mexorean. What do you guys think? All dishes are served with tortillas and sides of guac, sour cream, and kimchi. :-)


joyRuN said...

Yummy Daniel Craig. Even yummier Jason Statham.

If they just kept their traps shut in their movies, I'd be even happier.

PS - I vote for Korexican.

daeguowl said...

Heard you had lunch with Nick Cage today as well. And drinks with him tomorrow. I'm pretty sure he'll be expecting you to put out then as two dates in two days overrules the not putting out until the third date... :)