I quit my job today!


joyRuN said...


What's the next adventure?

Amanda said...


achilles3 said...

hell to the yeah!

TallGuySurfing said...

Stick it to the man!

achilles3 said...

when do you leave???

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

There are those who would ask, "Why would you do that?"

Not me, though, sister!

You've more-than-hinted at how you've been mistreated at your job and I say Bully For You for quitting! (Yes, I sometimes speak like Teddy Roosevelt when I get worked up. Gotta problem with that?)

Because I've been there. I was royally f*cked at the last library I worked at (Teh 'Bride is still stuck there) and when the director dicked me over the last time, I f*cking gave it to her, called her out on it, let her have it with both barrels. The next day, I found she'd written me up for "insubordination". I'm nobody's fucking subordinate, sister! I may work in a place, but I don't check my rights or dignity at the door. Nor should you or anyone else.

I quit THAT DAY, walked out the door and from that day (October 2001) to this I have never set foot in that library again and I never will. You want two weeks notice? Here's your two weeks notice - right here on my n*ts@ck - so KISS IT!


So when they fuck you beyond what you can endure, I say fuck THEM right back! It's their loss, sister.

Because they no longer have you!

They are more impoverished than they'll ever realize. Which makes them truly pathetic indeed.

Good luck, sister!

When you coming back to the states? Einstein and I miss you.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

um, just catching up!!!