Just spent a few days playing at The Pinnacles, which is a place I absolutely love. It's so close to San Francisco, but still feels worlds away. It's nice for me to have a refuge like that since I'm not much of a city girl.
Highlights included a tasty dinner of S'mores and beer and a 13 mile hike that included dark, scary caves, a sucky hill, warnings about being eaten by wild pigs, fence climbings, rain, and tons of gorgeousness. We hiked the Chalone trail to the highest peak on the North side of the park - only about 3,500 feet, but it was pretty tough. This trip also proved my theory that penis-shaped rocks are always funny.
We stopped at the climbing gym on our way home despite the fact that we smelled a little like alcoholic bums who had been set on fire (it was below freezing at night, so we spent a lot of time by the campfire).
As for today, looks like some more climbing, and then I'll head out for a nice long run while Ant goes kiting or surfing.
It's a good life. Just wish some of my friends were on this section of the globe so I could share it with them.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

penis-shaped rocks are always funny

Rock-shaped penises are funnier. Assuming you're not on the receiving end of one. (Not that I would know firsthand. I'm just going on things I heard from this girl I know who's married to a guy named Rocky - and no, it's NOT because he's a boxer.)

Definitely NOT funny: vaginas shaped like Georgia O'Keefe paintings.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

as always, a funny post, and a funny comment from Glaven. Sucks that I missed you in SF by about a month, would have been awesome to meet you!