After spending the majority of my afternoon in a coffee shop with my brand spankin' new 2009 road atlas, I now have my cross country route planned. Einstein and I plan to leave sometime in early February, and I'm hoping to make it to PA in 10 days, which will probably not happen because nothing in my 32 years has ever gone according to plan.
And yet I keep planning. What's that definition of insanity??? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Yeah, that's sooooo me.
Should be able to hit up some decent hashes, which is pretty cool, but again it all comes down to things going according to plan. Wait! If I plan for things to NOT go according to plan, does that mean that they'll go according to plan???

Those of you in PA better start stocking up on Middleswarth Chips, Tastycakes, and Yuengling Lager.
If any of you want some postcards from the journey, lemme know and give me your address. If you don't wanna leave it in the comments then email it to me. Wherever you are in the world, I'll send them off to you. Even Canada.
Now, I'm gonna finish shakin' my boo-tay to Love Lockdown, then shower and head to Mill Valley for dinner.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You have a Smart Car! Teh 'Bride would be sooo jealous. I myself am 6' 4", so ... um ... jealous? Not so much.

But Teh 'Bride would kill for one of those Smart Cars. (<--Not meant as a threat.) She already owns a Cooper Mini, and that's tough enough for me to fit into. I think my wife may be trying, ultimately, to slowly, ... slowly ... compress me to death.

There must be a life insurance policy for me somewhere that I don't know about.

So your secret is safe with me. I'll never let her know you have a Smart Car because I don't want to be putting any ...notions in her cute, homicidal little head.

On your trek across America, you will be passing by sites with many other beers that are better than Yuengling. That's not a slam at Y., because Y. lager is pretty sweet. But be sure to try a few of them along the way.

And would it kill you to let them wear The Hat for a minute or two?

I don't see the hat in this picture. Did it run off with that pitcher of beer?

Jes said...

I don't have just any Smart car...I have EINSTEIN!! The smartest of Smart cars! He'd kick the crap out of your mini anyday!

Any recommendations for decent brews/eats along the way? Particularly in the Southern states? Much appreciated. After a few years in Seoul, where the beer is best described as "cheap and yellow," I'm a bit out of the loop.

rockstar said...

Sophie wants postcards. Do I have to e-mail you our address again?

Jes said...

Nah. Usually around the 5th time someone gives it to me I get around to saving it! ;-)

Shells Bells said...

I want postcards!!!!! And just so you know from PA it is only about a 9 hr drive to get to me...xoxo I'll email u my address.

Jes said...

Awesome! I'll drive the 63 or so hours my trip to PA will take, and you can drive the 9 to meet me there! :-)

achilles3 said...

Post Cards are sooooooo fun;-)

1158-2 ho
Geumho-dong 4 ga
Seoul, South Korea