Almost 10 a.m. and the only thing I've accomplished so far today is locking us out of the apartment and then singing the Mission Impossible theme song while Ant broke back in to our apartment to get the keys.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

If your apartment is so easy to break into, why even bother locking it?

Also, the MI theme imparts a sense of urgency to any task. So don't underestimate your contribution. If you had hummed, say, the theme to Gilligan's Island, Ant would still be trying to get in.

And you'd both still be trapped on that STUPID, STUPID ISLAND!

So good job, little buddy!

Jes said...

You're right! I hadn't realized what a huge contribution I'd made!

I think I deserve a nap!

Marcy said...

Look at G getting all smarty pants :P

Oy, I've had that happen before. It's always the coolest trying to break into your house while your 4-2 y.o are screeching behind you LOL

achilles3 said...

I would stay asleep past 10AM from now on to prevent that from ever happening again.

Bob said...

You'd be a good one to have on a Survivor tribe, don't you think? Singing the Missionary Position Impossible song during a competition would crack everyone up and probably get you voted off the island, kid. Nonetheless, it would be entertaining. You can be on my team any time!