Did I mention that this morning was quite lovely? I woke up early and went for a pretty long run around the neighborhood. Then Einstein and I headed over to Matt's for some coffee. I spent a bit of time hanging out, sneaking into the man cave with all my icky female germs, acting appropriately excited about the new board rack in the garage, and even took part in a discussion about joists and studs and load bearing walls. We also went for a walk and discovered Sutro Park, which is where I'll be doing much of my running when I take up my brief residence at Balboa.

Here's a few pics from our walk in the park.

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You are no longer allowed to complain about how those of us in the non-Eden parts of the country are bitching about the cold weather.

Really. License REVOKED. Blame your own pictures for that.


(There is no penalty for bitching without a license. But still, it would be majorly uncool.)