Now that I've returned from my daily trip to the beach and have rinsed all the sand from between my toes, I'd like to say that I'm really sick and tired of all my friends and family back East bitching about the cold. Seriously peeps, either man up or start drinking heavily! You're blessed enough to live in a region with Yuengling Lager! Start partaking! It's my experience that a bit more than a 6-pack is all it takes to totally forget how cold it is. Blogs, texts, phone calls, emails, facebook status's all you guys are talking about!

We have weather out here, too, you know. Right now the sun is so freakin' bright I can barely see the computer screen through the glare, and I think I have a bit of a sunburn on my face from my run this morning. Do you hear me bitching? Do you see me making facebook status updates about it? No. You don't.

But you might if that shit doesn't clear up by the time I arrive in February.

I was thinking about paddling this afternoon, and then thought about the effort of wrestling myself into that smelly wetsuit which I have to wear because the water is freezing, and that made me think of all of you back home (home being PA and Korea) who won't stop complaining about the temperature. And so, because I am not one to let my friends and family suffer alone while I go have fun (Stop laughing!! I'm not!!), if I can get 25 U.S. dollars I will go jump in the Pacific wearing nothing but a bathing suit. And in return, I'll post some pics of my polar bear dip so you will have proof that your loot went to something worthwhile: my pain and suffering. And (!!!) you'll get to see me in a bathing suit, which is worth waaaay more than a measly 25 bucks.

Polar Bear Dip

In other news, tonight is Ray's bday celebration. It's taking place over in Sausalito, which is on the other side of that huge bridge the tourists can't stop taking pictures of. I'll post pics tomorrow, so check back.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I am sorry your roommate is being such a twat. But might I suggest that The Omnivore's Dilemma was merely her excuse to get in touch with her inner twat, not the actual cause of her twattiness? That is, it acted more as a catalyst than a direct causative agent.

That's just a suggestion, because I haven't read it yet myself and for all I know, when I do, it might turn me right into the biggest, twattiest muh-fuh in all of Joisey. (Currently I'm the second biggest. Number two with a bullet!)

By the way, it's muh-fuhing cold here in Joisey. I'm not sure if anyone's told you that yet.

Pittchick said...

Do you remember how cold it was waaaaay back in 1994 when school was cancelled for like a week? I had to periodically pull my car over and scrape the inside of the windshield??? It's that cold again. No amount of alcohol can make that feel any better.

Jes said...

I TOTALLY remember that! I tell people out here that, "where I come from, they shut down schools and tell us not to go outside because of the cold," but they never believe me.