Had some very last minute changes in my plans, so I won't be driving to PA after all. But don't worry, my little Pennsylvania friends and family members, I'll still be making an appearance. I'll just be flying into the illustrious ABE airport instead of driving. Which reminds me, one of you is gonna have to pick me up (Steph). And somehow I'm gonna have to get from Allentown to Sunbury (Dad). And the plan for midget wrestling better be ON LIKE DONKEY KONG (Jamie). And I want some Chinese food (Kristy).

So, no cross country road trip for me. Yet. It will happen one day!!! Plans changed after I had packed and loaded my car, and I had my heart set on going somewhere, and I already had rooms booked and routes mapped, so I decided to take a few days and follow through with at least some of the trip. And here I am, still locked up in this craptacular motel. You know a place is classy when it's got a pawn shop on one side of it and a liquor mart on the other! Maybe I can go pawn the Runner's World magazine I just finished reading and use the loot to buy some more beer!!!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, NOOOOOES!!1! Sister!

What happened?!?!1!

Because what am I supposed to obsess about NOW if you and Einstein aren't traveling cross-country!?

Don't worry, though. You're still my hero.

I added a PURE AWESOMENESS tag to "How Many Friends". Not because you asked, but because the song is PURE AWESOMENESS and I just forgot to say so.

I added the Dylan for you, though.

brownie said...

Now you can come to Manitou Mardi Gras!

The hotel we stay at in Salida has a liquor store on the property.

Bob said...

I done did donate a buck to the "I'll be toasting you all" program. Would have liked to have donated more couldn't figure that out on Pay Pal. Like how much beer can a buck buy unless you're a midget getting ready to wrestle then it's wise to sip a bit and not chug-a-lug in order to keep that game face on. That said, I really like midget bowling over midget wrestling. There's a lot more action.

Enjoy, Jes!

sumatra22 said...

Sweet! well, not sweet that you won't be driving, but sweet that you'll have to provide me with an ACTUAL DATE OF ARRIVAL!!!! And of course I'll pick you up, I can even drive you out to Sunbury, since I haven't seen Dad in years, it might be good to break the unwed mother news in person. Oops, forget that! Anyway, name the time and I'm there...and the sooner you tell me the sooner I can take some time off, too! Perhaps we can hit the Casino! I'm sure Mama Geri-Lynn has been waiting for us!

sumatra22 said...
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rockstar said...

I'm sorry you won't be coming to PA via Einstein! I was looking forward to meeting him!

Oh, well. These things happen! I just hope you're OK.

We'll do Chinese another time!

I heart you!

Jamie said...

Aaaaaahhhhh yeaaaaa!!! It is So on for midget wrestling!!!! I am buying tickets tomorrow or Friday. Let this be an invitation to any others who are down for a night of pure and raw entertainment.

If it wrong that I am this excited to see spandex clad little people mauling one another??? The answer, of course is NO!!!!