I'm back in SF - until Thursday, anyway, when I will fly to Pennsylvania. Boy, will my arms be tired! :-)

Speaking of tired, that is a pretty accurate word to describe my running lately. Tired. I don't know why, I just feel like I should be improving more than I seem to be. Even short runs feel tougher than I'd like them too, and they don't feel tough in a good way. Do I need more conditioning? Some speed work? Strength training? All 3????

Ant got a juicer for Christmas, so we decided to play around with it this morning. He said I could make any kind of juice I wanted, then immediately vetoed my first three ideas:
1. Bacon juice
2. Cheese juice
3. Ice cream juice.
We settled on a bunch of veggies. We had some sort of carrot/celery/apple/lime combo, and a beet/carrot/ginger thingy. They were good, but not good enough that my body didn't know I was trying to trick it into eating vegetables.

Hmmm...what else is new? Saw Coraline last night, and I loved it!!!! I loved it so much that I spent quite a bit of time this morning searching for a secret passageway in our house but, alas, it has yet to reveal itself to me. After the movie we went to some club in a little back alley somewhere (I think the name was Jessel, or something like that). Shook my ass. Waved my arms. Spun around. Drank some vodka. Repeated. For hours!!! I am not a good dancer at all, but man did I have fun!! Woke up earlier than I had wanted to (thanks Ant) but felt fine so I didn't mind too much. As the day has progressed though, I'm feeling a bit lethargic and head achey. Time to lay on the couch and watch reruns of NOVA!!


brownie said...

You need all three.

tfh said...

By all three, you mean the key to running success is bacon-cheese-ice cream juice, right?

pittchick said...

How long will you be in PA?

PlaysByEar said...


achilles3 said...

I would shape up that diet and drink more water. Makes my runs better fo sho;-)

Bob said...

Hahaha! This post reminds me of the Sat. Night skit where a fish is put in a blender for juice. That was sooooo very gross.