I'm way too tired from my 20 MILES IN THE HOT DESERT SUN to do a proper write-up, so here's a brief photo journal of my day. I ran about 7 miles, with a fairly heavy pack, and that's an enormous accomplishment for me! JT National Park is awesome! I'll be very sad to drive away from here tomorrow morning.

But first, time for a beer. This one's for Glaven! ;-)

I took a nap in the sun.

I wrote some postcards.

For Ant. :-)

For you guys: A sand angel!! :-)

Lots of scrambling around on rocks.

Snack time!!

This rock was blocking the trail, so I moved it. :-)



Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Awesome pix, sister!

But come on! Rolling Rock? I'm almost insulted.

Maybe RR is not such a bad beer, but I had a bad experience with it once and I haven't gotten over it yet.

I hold grudges. Against beers. When they disappoint me.

I get a re-do with a real beer though, sister. A brewpub beer or a microbrew or something! Geez, at this point I'd even accept one of Brownie's Schlitzes, because it never disappointed me the way RR did that one time; a story I'll spare you from having to hear ... for now.

Jes said...

OK. Fair enough. But in my defense, (1) When I lived in PA they hadn't sold the brewery yet, so RR was kind of like a local beer, which I will always support, and, (2) It really was the best beer they had at the liquor mart next door.

Dani said...

I love Joshua Tree :)