I'm pretty certain that the rest of this trip is gonna require a lot of beer. If you'd like me to drink a beer in your honor, it'll cost you a buck.* That's right, folks, for ONE DOLLAR, I will raise my glass (or can, or bottle, or whatever) in your honor and salute you before I chug away. In return, you get to help me get drunk and just maybe, if I get enough dollars, I will post a little transcript of the conversation Ant and I have, since I will more than likely drunk dial him and say all kinds of ridiculous shit. Sounds like a great bargain to me, so pay up, mofos!

*This wasn't my idea. Glaven's trying to get me drunk.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Technically, I said you could probably get MORE than a buck for this. But now that it comes with the possibility of a drunk-dial confab with your boyfriend, it's worth waaaaaay more than a buck, sister! Don't undersell yourself! because what if you call really late, and you're drunk, so you're slurring your words, and Ant is all sleepy-sounding because you woke him up ... how can Priceless Hilarity NOT ensue? It's a physical impossibility according to Heisenberg's Hilarity Principle, which, stated mathematically, goes:

Drunk Chick + Sleepy BF Dude + Telephone ÷ Late Night = Priceless Hilarity!

Go ahead, run the numbers yourself. You'll get the same results.

You should be charging at least three bucks for this.

Plus, I note also that you fail to mention that part of the agreement was YOU HAD TO HOIST THE FIRST BEER IN MY HONOR!

Did you welsh on that part, sister?

achilles3 said...

you can pay ME ho;-)
dirty drinking huts forever!!!