Did you guys know I'm a former member of Air Supply? Yeah. True story.

OK. So I'm not really a member of Air Supply. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Alright, that's a lie, too. Because the place I'm actually staying at makes the Holiday Inn Express look like a 5 star luxury resort. The little "gem" I'm holed up in was found during a late night internet search, and all 3 reviews were written by dirty climber dudes who had stayed here while doing some climbing and bouldering at the park. After reading the 2nd review I thought to myself, "Self...This is an H3 hotel if ever there was one!" That means most of you wouldn't stay here if they paid you, but for me it's perfect! And for 42 bucks a night it's even more perfect! It kind of makes me homesick - I haven't stayed in a place with 4 locks on the door since I lived in Allentown!

Anyway, back to the video, which I'm sure y'all just can't get enough of. A question was posed in one of my comment sections about how I would be able to handle the long drive. The answer? I didn't handle it well at all, and it was only day 1! Man, was I bored!! And restless! And my ass freaking hurt! So to help pass the time, I amused myself by racing other cars, taking a few pictures:

And when I tired of that, I TAUGHT MYSELF TO DRIVE WITH MY FEET!!!!

Yes, I know, not the safest thing I've ever done. But, to be honest, it doesn't even make the top 10 dumbest things I've done. And, it's a pretty sure guarantee that I'll get an email from my mom, and she hasn't emailed me in awhile so I'm about due.

While I was doing everything possible to amuse myself and pass the time, I was constantly scanning the radio. And lemme tell you folks, when it comes to radio, Central CA loves 2 things: Christian Rock, and Slow Rock (whatever the hell that is). I was pretty bummed, until Air Supply came on and I thought of Joel and how I used to serenade him with Air Supply songs at Karaoke when we were in Korea (hello enormously long run-on sentence). So I had the GENIUS idea to make him a video of me singing Air Supply, just like old times. The above video is my failed attempt. The SERIOUSLY AWESOME, ROCKING, CHART-TOPPING, TRAFFIC-STOPPING, SO GOOD IT HURTS version will be emailed to Joel and only Joel. And maybe the other NB's, but that's it.

After a brief rest and a snack, I headed to the visitor center to find a ranger to help me plan my hike tomorrow. We settled on a 16 mile out and back trail with the option of a bonus 2.3 mile loop if I wanna see a different section of the park. He could've saved his breath, 16 miles is plenty for me, thank you very much. When we were done chatting about everything under the sun including his upcoming trip to Mexico to have his teeth cleaned (strangers have always disclosed the most ridiculous things to me) he recommended I head into the park to watch the sunset. So I grabbed a sammich and did just that. It was awesome! Here's some rather crappy pics I took before it got too dark.

Now I'm gonna have another glass (and by glass I mean cheap paper cup) of wine and get some sleep. Gotta be up early for my hike! Sweet dreams!


joyRuN said...

Nice pics.

Windows down - surefire way to dry a pedicure QUICK.

I've had to stay in a hotel like that once (stranded in a blizzard). Not fun.

Bob said...

What a freaking ambitious trip. If you don't get 'roids from so much driving between now and when you finish this road gig you'll be one lucky girl.

I'm Not in Love is an old fav Air Supply tune. Have you "oakied" that one?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You are Teh Awesome, sister. Just. Teh. Awesome.

rockstar said...

Awesome fucking video! I fucking love you!

sumatra22 said...

Off to a great start! Keep posting buddy, I need some excitement in my life!

Jes said...

ROCKSTAR!! LOVE YOU TOO!! There's some postcards for Soph on the way!

Really Steph? Being pregnant isn't excitement enough?!?