Yesterday I left the house we're moving out of and ran to the house we're moving into!! Through Crissy Field to the Golden Gate Bridge, up the steps to Battery East, through the Presidio, through Sea Cliff Heights, through Lands End, Baker Beach, Sutro Baths, and finally I made it to the house! Man! I was beat and super happy! That's the farthest I've run in a loooong time! The boys were just unloading their surfboards when I arrived, so I sat in the sun, drank a beer, and listened to them review their session. It went a lot like this:

Ant: Dude.
Matt: Duuude. Seriously.
Garren: Duude. Awesome.
Matt: Ant caught a wave as high as his head!
Ant: Dude.
Me: Whatever. I want a cheeseburger! With bacon and no vegetables!

So Ant and I took off and went to Bill's for a burger and some fries, and I threw in a milkshake just in case there were any benefits from my run I hadn't completely erased yet. Then we went back to the old place, and he tried to convince me that he hadn't really forgotten about our scheduled date night and that rolling his eyes while saying, "Fiiiine...if you really wanna go out then I guess we can go somewhere. *Siiiiigggghhhh*" totally counts as him making a plan.

Men. GRRRR!!!!!

We ended up going for a lovely walk and then lounging around playing cards until we fell asleep. Turns out it wasn't a bad night at all, even if there was no "real" date involved.

On another note, 32 readers of this here bloggy blog sent me their address, and all 32 of you will get at least one postcard! If you wanna add your name to the list, email me your address ( at gmaildotcom) or leave it in the comments.


Marcy said...

What? You're giving out postcards? Sweet!

pittchick said...

You already have my address. or did you lose it again?

Jes said... might wanna send it to me again. :-/

achilles3 said...

If I could get rid of three things:
1. Cancer
2. That fucking idiot at RMTs who kept yelling "you suck" during the super bowl.
3. Dates

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Good luck on the road trip, sister!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...
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brownie said...

I better get some post cards! And why doesn't your road trip include Manitou Mardi Gras?

Shells Bells said...

Hope you got my addy! Do you have Fat Burger in San Fran? They have awesome bacon cheeseburgers!!