This Mexican wrestling mask turned up when we were moving. Did I tell you guys we moved??? Well, Ant moved. I mostly ran around in the mask and practiced saying the following phrase over and over again: "WAIT! STOP! I GOTTA PUT THIS DOWN! IT'S TOO HEAVY! WHY DO WE NEED A BED/COUCH/MATTRESS/CHAIR/TABLE/ETC. ANYWAY??? CAN'T WE JUST LEAVE IT HERE?!?" While I practiced my dramatic speech, Ant mostly practiced sighing heavily and rolling his eyes.

Anyway, there's a story behind the mask, and it totally cracks me up! But Ant has to tell it, because it's his story and he tells it soooo much better than I do! Maybe if y'all beg and plead with him we can convince him to guest blog and tell the story! It involves his ex-girlfriend, which was sort of shocking to me because I always just assumed I was the first and only woman he's ever been interested in, even though his other ex leaves him FB comments referring to him as Hot Stuff* and mentioning that they should get together soon. Which is totally cool, really. I'm not at all intimidated by the fact that she's super gorgeous and about 20 lbs. thinner than me. I mean, I would never leave a message like that on my ex's FB page because, well, it's just not cool (and he de-friended me - HA!), but I'm totally OK with seeing such messages on Ant's page. Really. Can't you tell?

Anyway, I took such an immediate liking to the mask that I brought it along on my trip. I drove in it, I scared the crap out of other cars in it, and I danced around my hotel rooms in it. Everyone should have a Mexican wrestling mask. I can't believe I ever took a long road trip without one!


achilles3 said...

I remember you getting de-friended.
That was awesome.

As for that mask...the only thing I can think is how handy it might be AFTER a shady homefuck.

Bob said...

I have a mask close to being like yours. We could like join up and do tag team wrestling. We'd kick major ass, especially if we got to wrestle midgets.

Pat said...

You don't have to worry about red light cameras with that mask.