Last weekend I finally tracked down my buddy Achilles! Achilles, Voice, GS...for some reason it has taken forever to meet up with some of the people I couldn't wait to see when I got back!
Anyway, we met up with him for some coffee and lots of talking about books and the current state of everything, and then I took him and Ant to Jamsil to check out Olympic Park. It's one of my favorite places in Seoul. It's quite a hike from where Ant and I live, but Southside hashes in that area pretty often so it's a hike I'll be making on a fairly regular basis! It's such a great park to run in! We also checked out the Olympic Museum, which is in the park. A few pics:


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Cool pix, sister.

Or is that too much a pussy thing to say?

And what's wrong with being a pussy every once in a while? Can't a guy - even an indisputably manly-MAN, like me - get in touch with his feminine side? Oprah sez it's OKAY!1!

Sorry, sister! I sound so pissy! I must be PMSing.

Melanie said...

Those are some pretty amazing pictures! :D