Thursday night Ant and I headed down/over to Itaewon for some beers with my friends GS, Voice, and Joel. And, thanks to the generosity of you bloggers, I got to drink REAL beer! I settled on Alley Kat, since that was pretty much the best that was being offered. We had a pretty good time hitting up some good hash bars (Scrooge's Pub and Dulce's). As much fun as Thursday night was, Friday morning was not so much fun!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Well, Jes, as I said, I tried to contribute, but that there widget on your blog defeated me. I thought I had a dormant paypal account, which I tried to re-activate, but, if anything, I might have ended up contributing to the McCain/Palin ticket by mistake. In your name, of course.

I think they have a REAL chance, don't you?
I'm pretty sure I clicked "Yes" when they asked if you wanted to receive RNC update e-mails.

Hope that's okay with you.

Shells Bells said...

Itaewon beers...the thought brings a tear to my eye! Joel is looking great!!