Yesterday during class, my 4th graders told me they were going on a field trip today. The conversation went something like this:
"Englishee?? What does that mean? I never heard of the word Englishee."
*Sigh* "Teacher! ENGLISH! Tomorrow, no English class!! We have field trip!"

It is a fine example of Korean organizational skills that the teachers are the last to know they don't have class. It's not the first, or last, time for this kind of last minute announcement. 2 days ago my students told me when they would be taking my mid-term exam. Apparently, mid-terms are next week. I had no idea.

Anywho, my 4th graders informed me that they were going on a field trip to the most boring place in the whole world, and I was like, "Really? You guys are going all the way to my hometown of Sunbury, PA just for a field trip?!? Say hi to my mom!!" But apparently there's some garden or something that is even more boring than my place of birth. Boring is one of their new vocab words this month, and ever since they learned it there hasn't been a single thing that's happened in their young lives that isn't described as "soooooooo booooring!!!"

And behold (!!) some boring pictures from boring English class:

So today, I suffered through 120 minutes with my 1st graders, and have been wasting time on the interwebz for the rest of it. It probably sounds nice, but it's starting to feel like this day will never end!


Rookie on the Run said...

I've taught 4th, 5th, 3rd, and Kindergarten (in the US). It's sweet to see and read that kids aren't all that different world-wide. I've never taught 1st grade... and I hope and pray I never have to!

I had to laugh at your response to your students about going to your hometown. I Love your dry sense of humor!

joyRuN said...

You are a damn fine teacher, Jes.

They said "Englishee" and not "Engrishee"? Well done ;)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wow! Way to play the RACE CARD, joyRuB!1!

Cute kids, Jes! Try not to break them. And no teaching them that "f*ck you" means "thank you" cos THAT'S JUST NOT FUNNY!

(Except when I do it.)

tfh said...

Well, that means you get a surprise day off, right?

P.S. Your students disappoint me. Why aren't they all flashing the peace sign?

Melanie said...

great pics! hopefully the day doesn't go too slowly! It's amazing how kids anywhere are the same.. and can make you smile/laugh. Enjoy the downtime :)

Carolina John said...

those look like some cool kids, boring though they may be. enjoy the field trip!

Bob said...

If you haven't seen it you've got to check out Chris Rock/Kill the Messenger. He does a very funny piece on work and counting the minutes/hours until it's time to go home . . . and talks about the differences between a career and a job. In the video I think Chris says fuck about 6,500 times. Damn, I just love that word!

J-me said...

DUDE!! (translation- I am now asleep just from reading your blog I am soooo booored here in Sunbury)

BTW (yes, I just used BTW... For hte next week I will ONLY be using the word DUUUDE to communicate. I think it's goign to catch on)