Man, today's classes flew by! I had expected a super slow day based on my morning - had a tough time getting my big ol' butt outta bed, didn't have enough coffee, and, knowing I was gonna need a little extra help to get me through the day, I searched high and low for my lucky giraffe underwear. Couldn't find them anywhere!!! Ended up leaving 15 minutes later than usual because of the search, so while I wasn't late by any means, I didn't have enough "warm up to the workday" time as usual before my kids came screaming into the room.

But, the day went quick and my kids were awesome!

Except for one little thing. Ant. My 4th graders are OBSESSED with Ant. They will not stop asking the most ridiculous questions about him! It got so annoying that I had to cut them off from all AntSpeak in the classroom. Now, they have to earn the right to mention his name. Seriously. 5 stars and they get 2 questions about him. You guys can't imagine how well this works! Standing in the corner, threatening to call parents, etc., etc. They could give a crap. But, everyone in the class does their homework and we can call Ant and as a class you can have 3 minutes to talk to him...not only did everyone do their homework, they did all the back homework they had skipped out on!!

Only I forgot to tell Ant, or check to see if he had other plans. So he didn't answer the phone call. And then when I ran to the office to grab something, one of the little bastards grabbed my phone and called Ant AGAIN, which means he was probably cursing my name for calling his cell phone incessantly while he was doing something else.

They were so bummed!! I wish I had pictures of their sad little faces when I had to tell them that there was no answer. Instead, they got to ask some questions, which is probably better because we tried calling Ant before, and the second they heard his voice they got all freaked out and forgot how to speak English and tried to frantically pass the phone off to ANYONE else.

"TEACHER!!! Ant-uh is tall?"
"Woooooooooooowwwww!!! Very good!!!"

"TEACHER!!! Ant-uh likes the kimchi?"
"Umm...he likes a little bit of kimchi."
"BUT TEACHER!!! Ant-uh eats the kimchi?"
"He eats some kimchi, but not with every meal."
"BUT TEACHER!! Ant-uh eats the kimchi sometimes?"
"Yes. Sometimes."
"Uhhhh...OK, OK. Sometimes he eats. It's OK."

They're so freaking cute.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Teh 'Bride would go absol-freakin-lutely NUTS with your kids. She's already obsessed with saying (about just about ANY Korean boy/guy/kid) - "Doesn't that look like a grown-up Ian?" or "That's what IAN will look like as a teen!" Or just, "OMG! It's Ian!"

Man, it's almost RACIST how every Korean male reminds her of our son!

But the obsessed kids who can't ask questions of their hero?


Mel-2nd Chances said...

love your stories about the kids. How cute that being able to ask questions about Ant is so intriguing and motivating to them to do all that work! :D