Had a great run last night - even if it was on the dreaded dreadmill. Seriously, if this crazy monsoon doesn't let up soon I'm gonna KILL someone!

So, the run was a bit longer than I had expected. I get bored running indoors quick, so I never expect much more than a warm-up from treadmill running. I put Rockzilla in charge, because you all know how important it is to occasionally let the men in your lives feel like they're in charge. I told him we would run together for about 20 songs, and as long as he stayed away from Christmas music, he could pick the songs we ran to. Everything was going along fine, until he and the treadmill got into some kind of argument. I was ready to stop - I was BORED, and the only available treadmill at the gym was DIRECTLY in front of a full length mirror. Blech. Running towards yourself for 40 minutes is not pleasurable, and I'm such a klutz that if I don't look straight ahead, I veer off towards wherever I'm looking and end up falling off the treadmill. So, after staring at myself bouncing up and down, getting redder and redder in the face, not going anywhere, I was so bored I wanted to cry, and ready to go.

And Rockzilla was all like, "Oh yeah?!? Well, here's a Chris Cornell song! You won't stop running while Chris Cornell is playing!"

Damn him, he knows me so well!

When the song finished, I was really done, but the treadmill was like, "48:37!! Why would you stop now? A measly 83 seconds and you can say you ran 50 minutes! That's way better than saying you ran 40-some minutes!"

Stupid treadmill. It had a point.

So everytime Rockzilla would agree to let me stop, the stupid treadmill said no, and vice versa, until finally my legs told them both where to go, and I hopped off. Ended up running over an hour, which for me is pretty freaking awesome!

Finished with a pretty hard-core shoulder and back workout (need to be able to hold my own when paddling through those waves in the Philippines), then went home and had a lovely dinner of ice cream and peanut butter and jelly sammiches while chatting with my dad.

So far the rain has held off today (I even rode my bike to school!) so maybe I can run outside tonight!


joyRuN said...

I MUST've mentioned how jealous I am of your upcoming surf trip to the Philippines (thank you for spelling that right).

Good job on the mill - 30 minutes and I'm ready to shoot myself!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Lookit toyBuM, Militant Fauxlipina Grammarian, spellcheckin yo @$$!1!

Hahahaha! That's almost as funny as imagining you falling off the dreadmill repeatedly!

Not really. You falling is a lot funnier.

Korea's funniest home video of your running/falling next time, please!

Enjoy your time in the Fillipbeans! (<--Take THAT, joyBuNz!)

brownie said...

You have disgraced the family by running on a treadmill.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

nice job on the run... you're right, 50 minutes does sound a lot better :)