I've been feeling unusually motivated when it comes to exercise lately - especially running. It's a nice feeling to actually look forward to doing a run, instead of trying everything I can think of to trick my feet into getting out the door. For the longest time I'd get to Brown Hill and nearly cry at the sight of those steps just going up, up, up - but now I get there and I'm like, "That's all you got?!? Bring it on!" And then I bounce up them, singing proudly along with Rockzilla, while the Koreans look at me in amazement yet STILL REFUSE TO GET OUT OF MY DAMN WAY!!!!

The extra activity has been a welcome addition to my physical and mental health - I'm feeling better all around. I'm noticing tons of changes in my body - new muscles appearing, old muscles waking up. I haven't been on a scale in ages, but I can tell from looking at me that some of the chubbiness Ant had to pretend not to notice is totally gone. I'm still definitely not at that healthy point where my body actually craves vegetables, but I'm trying to cram more of them down my cramhole anyway. When there's actually room in my cramhole left from all the ice cream and M&M's, I mean.

So yesterday I couldn't run, and I was bummed. I actually missed it. I still got in some exercise - biked to and from work, 45 minutes of Bikram (I skip those stupid breathing poses at the beginning), and a Crossfit workout I've modified to suit my measly arm muscles. Crossfit calls it the "21." I've renamed my version the "11." But, I had a great run planned for after work and I was really excited about it.

And then, I started projectile vomiting with little warning. How fucking sexy is that?!? I was fine all day, and then halfway through my meeting I was like, "Something ain't right here." Out of nowhere! I made it to the Gireum station, but had to rest for quite awhile there. Made it to Nowon, where I have to transfer trains, and it took about as much energy as climbing Everest. Made it to Taerung, which I normally just walk home from to avoid another transfer, but instead I took a nap like a bum on one of the benches while waiting for the brown train. It took me 2 hours to puke my way through what should have been about 30 minutes of travel time. By the time Ant got home from the climbing gym, I was tossing and turning on the bathroom floor, sitting up only to puke my guts out every few minutes. And Ant, who can sometimes be a bit stingy with the compliments, held my hair and rubbed my back while I barfed some more, and said, "I like your outfit. I bet you looked really pretty today - before you started puking, I mean." What is it with men and timing?!?

Today finds me back at work, still feeling yucky but not even close to how yucky I felt last night. Hopefully, I can get some food in me and get a run in tonight - I had planned for some speedwork, but I may end up just doing a few miles around town at an easy pace.


Anonymous said...

:-( Eat a balanced diet & focus on getting fit rather than losing weight, I think.

Jes said...

I'm certainly not trying to lose weight. Not at all. You have to give up ice cream for that, which is not something I'm willing to do. It's just another change in my body I've noticed since stepping up the activity level. I doubt my weight has changed at all - just traded some muscle for flab.

brownie said...

Puking is good training for ultras. You should have ran home while projectile vomiting in preparation for your future attempt at Leadville.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Whoa, sister! Don't be so hard on Ant! How many people, male or female, can see Teh Sexy in projectile vomiting?

If Vomit Becomes You, take the compliment and move on.

Then, any time you're "in the mood", you can let Ant know by discreetly vomiting on him.

Sarah said...

Oh man - sorry you are / were sick. That sucks. Hang in there. And not everyone gets complimented while puking - kind of nice?

I taught at OLI in Daegu actually. No Seoul for me - except every weekend after a 4 hour train ride!

Barbara said...

Yeah...Crossfit has made me almosty lose my cookies a time or two before...but your's sounds unrelated. Feel better girl.


Oh...i might do a product demo for Sunbutter...if i do i'll mail you some yummy creamy goodness:P


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