So, the date last night went OK. I think I'll see him again, probably sometime soon. :-) We saw Transformers 2, and I know everybody has been bitching about the writing, but come on, people!! BIG.ROBOTS.FIGHTING!!! Plus, lots of shout-outs to Pennsylvania (those are my peeps, yo), Shia LaBouef or however you spell his weird last name (I think he's totally yummy), and, for the guys, Megan Fox's boobs bouncing across the screen for approximately 73% of the movie. I don't know what you all were expecting, but for a summer action flick it suited me just fine. I just wish I had made it over to see Petra and the Pyramids before those evil Decepticons ruined them.

I spent most of the day reliving the movie with my 4th graders. Most of them have seen it, so when I told them yesterday I was FINALLY going to see it they were super excited for me, and they were all confused about how I would understand it since it was subtitled. I was like, "Well, my dear, sweet little morons, it's subtitled IN KOREAN! The movie is in ENGLISH, so I think I'll be able to follow along OK," but apparently they had been talking about some of the crazy robot language the Decepticons use - the subtitles for those would be in Korean, too, so I wouldn't know what messages they were sending to Megatron.

Which was the perfect opening to convince them that I am fluent in Robot. "Seriously, guys, just like you can speak Korean and English? I can speak English and Robot. Really." And then I told them this great story about how Rockzilla (obviously an Autobot) beat the crap out of my microwave (evil Decepticon) last night.

And then I spent all of this morning teaching them in my best Optimus Prime voice, like this, "Children of this planet called Earth, I have seen what you are capable of, and so I must remind you - put the adjective BEFORE the noun when you write a sentence! Only with this important knowledge can your world survive!"

And that was my day. How 'bout you guys?


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Stop being so coy, sister! Nobody cares about the f*ckin movie! What we wanna know is ... didja get any? If so, please tell me you made him wear a Decepticondom (looks like the real thing, but turns into a condom at the important moment)! Because you can never be too careful.

Did you use your robot voice when you talked dirty to him? Because that would sure be a turn on.

[robotvoice] O. Bay, Bee. Affirmative. That. Feels. Pleasurable, [/robotvoice]

Oooooooo, man! The Robot Voice gets me every time.

rockstar said...

I love reading your blog in the morning. It puts me in a great mood when I wake up in a crappy one. I heart you!