Added 11 miles to my weekly mileage today, making my grand total for this week...11 miles. Hey, it's only Tuesday, gimme a break.

I ran almost to Sausalito and back, and then looped around the roads here for a few more miles. Started off rough - lots of small aches and pains - ankles, knees, shins, right hip and left shoulder were all bitching at once - that gradually went away when they realized I was only going to ignore them. I also walked for about 45 seconds somewhere near the 8 mile mark, so I suck for that but whatever.

That's it. That's my life.

I gotta find a job and some friends before I die of boredom.


joyRuN said...

Haha! I try to look busy during my walk breaks adjusting something or other so I don't feel like such a suckfest.

Jes said...

Ha! I "fixed" my headphones about 5 times!

achilles3 said...

i haven't run in so long...too many Jack Cokes left out there to swill

prashant said...

I think im quitting my job and contacting the dude. Sounds awesome!

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