Check out my sweet new tattoos! Only 17 hours in the chair! Hardly any bleeding! Alright, alright...before my mom and dad have about 6 strokes apiece...they're only tights. I wore them to the Black Rock Arts Festival on Friday night. I also wore these super awesome gloves that made everything I touched feel satiny. They also looked great with vodka (trust me, fashionistas, you don't want your drink to clash with your gloves). See?

They also, apparently, made my hands look about 6 times the size of my face.

It was a pretty cool fundraising event, and we were very exuberantly informed at the end of the night that it made a "shit ton" of cash, so I guess that's cool. The money goes towards something or other having to do with Burning Man, which I'm not really into for various reasons, but Ant's into it, and I'm into him, so off I went. There were dancers and contortionists and DJ's and lots of bare skin, which is always a good combination in my book, and overall I'd say the evening was much, much cooler than I had anticipated and I MIGHT (I said MIGHT) even be changing my totally biased opinion about paying a small fortune to sit in the desert for a week, dressing funny and staring at a bunch of fire and lights. Here's a few more pics - sorry about the craptacular photography skills.

Cool, right? And here's me after getting cold and stealing the jacket to Ant's costume, then Ant and his friend Gail, then some weirdo, and then a dude playing the xylophone. What's not to love?


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