Another Boring Running Post...

I'll keep it short and painful...much like the run.

Running buddy and I met up at my place to log a few miles. I had planned for us to do a 4.5 miler along the beach, into the park, around the lake, and back to my place, but 1.5 miles in we were not feeling it. He's got a little foot issue that I like to refer to as PF, and he likes to refer to as "an unknown injury that could be anything except what Jes thinks it is, because admitting that she's always right might just cause the world to stop rotating."

i interuppt this post to share with you guys that I'm at a coffee shop, an empty coffee shop, and two people just sat down across from me and started GOING AT IT. WTF?!? The couch across the room would be way more comfortable, don't you think?

Anyway, I don't actually know if it's PF or not, I just like stating my opinion as if it's a fact and then being all, "I told you so!" on the rare occasion that my opinion actually does turn out to be true.

So, there we are, 1.5 miles in, and he's hurting, and I'm...well, I'm just a lazy, out of shape bastard, so we decided to run through Sutro for a bit instead. Stopped at just over 3 measly miles, then walked around for another mile or so, checking out some different neighborhoods. Not a great workout, but a lovely way to spend an afternoon, for sure. We thought we'd make up for it by eating a healthy dinner, but scrapped that idea when I got us lost on the way to the healthy restaurant but conveniently found our way to an awesome Dim Sum place.

Yeah. Exciting'll keep you awake for minutes.


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