For 7 dollars, I will spend an entire day (24 hours) referring to my boyfriend as "Steve." His name is not Steve. For 7 dollars, I will be provided with an entire day of amusement, and he will get 24 hours of annoyance. If you're wondering why you should spend your hard earned dough annoying someone else's bf, let me share with you a conversation we had last night around midnight when I woke up and discovered he wasn't where I thought he would be.

Me: Hello?
Him: I'm in the living room.
Me: Whatcha doing?
Him: Reading. I can't sleep.
Me: You OK?
Him: Those brownies you made? I think it went straight to my head. It's keeping me awake.
Me: Must be nice. I'm pretty sure the one* I ate went straight to my ass.

So there's your reason. He gets a brief sugar rush and has to lounge on the couch reading a book and *poof* the brownie is gone and he comes to bed and sleeps soundly. I will need a week at the gym.

*alright,it was 4.



Dani said...

That made me laugh. Needed that this morning :) Thanks

Jes said...

Anytime. I'm bummed you won't make it out here next month!

Shells Bells said...

Dude you don't eat veggies unless the California sun has fried ur brain! So you're back on the net now??

Jes said...

I'm back and better than ever!!