This was fun! We went to the Sutro Baths parking lot with Ant's Carve board and had a total blast. True to our individual natures, Ant was totally smooth and graceful and stylish going down the hill, while I just jumped on, went full speed ahead, and hoped I wouldn't fall flat on my face. I'm happy to report that I didn't fall once. Especially happy because (1) we forgot the helmet at home and at 20 m.p.h. a fall could have been very bad indeed, and (2) I spent most of 2008 falling flat on my face, picking myself back up only to fall flat on my face again. I'm happy to report that so far in 2009 I've managed to remain upright!

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

This explains why you have such a flat face!

Kidding, sister!

Here's that link again:


Nothing fancy this time - just copy and paste 'em.

For the record, I don't waddle when I walk.