1 week down, 51 more to go! Ant and I are slowly getting adjusted to our new place. Having been in Korea before it's a bit easier for me - poor Ant is still looking a bit shellshocked, though yesterday he got out on his skateboard and we explored the neighborhood a bit and he seems to be doing a little better now.

We're in Hwarangdae, which translates roughly in English to "The middle of nowhere." It's not so bad though. Definitely has everything we need, and yesterday on our excursion we found the all-important neighborhood chicken hof, so that was a big relief.

Only had a chance to run about 3 times during the week, each time for about 40 minutes or so. Not knowing the area, I'm afraid to stray too far from the few landmarks I know. I don't want to be late for work because I can't find my way home. Haven't found a gym yet, either, though I've been told there's one near my school. I walk to and from work everyday, which is really nice. I never liked being smooshed on the subway or busses here.

We don't have internet at the apartment yet, so posting will be sporadic until that gets sorted.

As a big, general response to your emails (since my online time is pretty limited), 1. I actually don't know my mailing address yet, and, 2. I don't believe you fuckers are gonna mail me anything anyway - y'all still owe me the shit you promised to mail me last time I was here!!!

Be good.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you made it OK!
I love you!!!!! I miss you!!!!!
Are you close to E-Mart or Pizza hut? 7-11? I hope the apartment is cool with a lovely view of someones kimchi pots on the patio. Or an ugly old truck covered in tools that only moves on Tuesdays when it rains? Is it still cold? How far do you have to walk for Ramean noodles and beer? Do you let them put sugar on you egg sandmiches? Did you drink OB or hite with your chicken? Have you started teaching? How much art work have you done in the class? When are you going to go HAshinG?
Ate ball. Smooch to everyone.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, man, glad you and Ant are safe and all, but Jebus, sister, some of us need to know - WHAT ABOUT EINSTEIN?!1!? Where is HE?

This move was kinda sudden, wasn't t it? I mean, it probably wasn't, but I saw no mention of it in your blog till like 5 hours before you were set to leave. And I can't believe even YOU are THAT spontaneous!

You can blog about the short bike ride you took across your apartment to get a sammich, but not about a planned ONE F*CKING YEAR LONG VISIT TO KOREA?!1!?

O. You probably had it on Facebook or something.

Teh 'Bride won't let me play on Facebook.

Man, when I hit 60, I am SO outta here!

Bob said...

Gads, smooth moves are usually with Exlax. This one was quick and easy or so it seems by your blog. Tell me you and Ant weren't deported. You definitely take the cake when it comes to making up your mind and doing something about it.

Poor Einstein!

sumatra22 said...

You're right, you're right, I won't mail you a thing...but I still like to know your address. And I may not mail you stuff, but I did send you away w/ a years supply of tampons...that's got to count for something! LOL

Shells Bells said...

Glad all is well and you're getting adjusted to life in ROK again. I must admit I am totally JEALOUS of you right now!! I got the postcard of Heidi's mom today freakin hilarious thanks xoxo BTW where is Hwarangdae????? Are you working at a hawgwon??

Love ya!

Shells Bells said...
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Shells Bells said...

Never mind I found it on the subway map...not too bad at least you're on your old subway line which means on the same line as Itae and frankly that's all that matters :)

achilles3 said...

Screw you! Where's my damn postcard???
Wolfhound forever!

Jes said...

Yup, I'm a line 6 girl. :-) Hwarangdae is a little more out of the loop than Yaksu, but way up here we have these things called "trees" and "mountains," so it isn't too bad!

Achilles, I'll bring your freaking postcard to Wolfhound Monday night!!

pittchick said...

I actually did mail you stuff last time. Glad to hear you guys are adjusting well.

Jes said...

Yeah, you, Trojan and Andy are excluded from my "people who said they'd mail me stuff and then didn't" rants!!