So, yeah, I'm back in Korea, and yeah, it was sudden. So sudden that we were still packing our shit as we were literally walking out the door to the airport. It was actually Ant's idea to come here, and we discussed it for awhile before making the final decision, but to be honest I never really believed he'd follow through with it so I didn't do much in the line of finding a job, getting a visa, etc. until he came home one day and announced he had quit his job. We did everything so last minute that we missed our entire week of orientation because we didn't have our visa crap sorted out, which is OK with me but probably made Ant's job a bit more difficult since he doesn't have much teaching experience and no ESL experience.

Maybe someday I'll fill you guys in on the great luggage incident of 2009, which involved a ridiculous amount of redistributing, super-strength saran wrap, extra baggage fees, and a second trip to the airport after I accidentally left one of Ant's bags there and didn't realize it until we were all the way in Taerung. Ever try to haul a bunch of surfboards, skateboards, climbing gear, and clothes/necessary items for a whole year clear across the world? It ain't fun.

Know what else isn't fun? Getting clear across the world, stepping up to the unfriendly customs dude, and hearing in his unfriendly voice that the Korean embassy in SF issued me a visa for 1 day instead of 1 year. Yup. My visa had actually expired before I even got there. I was sent off to a scary room with no windows to get it fixed, where nobody spoke English. It appeared that they pretty much looked through my passport to see all the places I had been, checked out my picture and used sign language and Konglish to tell me I should grow my hair long again, asked how long I wanted to stay, and then crossed out the date on my visa and wrote "1 year" next to it with a normal ballpoint pen. I mean, fuck, I could've done that on my own!

And because I don't want you guys to have any more sleepless nights, lemme assure you that Einstein is safe and sound, properly stored away back in CA. I'm sure there will be no end to my bitching about having to pay for a car that I'm not driving, especially with the current exchange rate, but he's totally worth it.


Melanie said...

wow, that room with no windows woulda scared the crap outta me! Glad you got the visa thing sorted out though. Now I know to just change the dates with a ball-point pen :)

joyRuN said...

WOW, is all I have to say. You are living the life, girl! Spontaneous adventures with windowless rooms and all.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Ever try to haul a bunch of surfboards, skateboards, climbing gear, and clothes/necessary items for a whole year clear across the world?

Pfffttt! Who hasn't?

I'm glad you're safe after your harrowing experience.

More to the point, I'm glad Einstein is safe! DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!1! Leave us hanging like that about Einstein's whereabouts!

I pert near developed an ulcer!1!

Have fun in the land of my son's birth, sister!

Bob said...

This experience will serve as great memories for your rocking chair years. . . and the room with no windows and Konglish speaking dudes. . . man, straight out of 24. I'd be thinking that Jack Bauer was going to pop out of the woodwork and save the day.

Oh yeah, old saying: Half the fun is getting there. Whoever came up with that was nucking futs!

achilles3 said...

I wish you were in jail and that it was right next to a chicken hof!

Jes said...

Dude, wait until you see the Hwarangdae chicken hof! You're gonna be insanely jealous!

Shells Bells said...
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Shells Bells said...

I paid for my car for 3 years while I was in Seoul - TOTALLY worth it! I hear ya about the moving..I am NOT looking forward to packing up my life and moving it to the other side of the planet again. I am looking forward to coming to Seoul and seeing you guys though :)