I got home from work yesterday (I am madly in love with my 4th graders, btw) and our apartment was so freaking hot I thought something was on fire. The second I opened the door I was totally assaulted by a blast of hot air. I could barely breathe.

Ant had decided to turn our apartment into a Bikram Yoga studio. So he cranked the heat as high as it could go and let it get all steamy so he could twist himself into a zillion poses. I was choking on my own sweat, and he was just lounging in the bedroom, totally relaxed and yoga'd out, reading a book and looking at me like, "Wha????"

So he can figure out that the hot, dry air from the ondol system is perfect for a homemade Bikram studio but he can't seem to grasp the concept that a Korean broom works the same as an American one. Isn't he just the cutest???

We ended up opening all the windows and going out to stuff ourselves on sushi while the apartment cooled down. Can't wait to see that heating bill!!!

In other news, today was the first day of my "Why am I schlepping my ass to and from work in 3 inch heels when I could just run there?!?" experiment. It went well. Did my usual morning loop, which I estimate to be between 4 - 5 miles, but instead of ending at the apartment I just ran to my office. Had to haul my work clothes and crap with me, which I didn't love doing, but I couldn't just teach in my sweats all day. I ran the back way and explored the Seoul Woman's University campus a little so I figure it added about a mile and a half to my run. Not too shabby for me. I really need to increase my mileage, as well as step up my speed a bit. I did get to work about 15 minutes before I expected to, but I think that's because I miscalculated the distance, not because I ran any faster than I normally do.


MCM Mama said...

I'm totally enjoying reading about your adventure! When we were younger, one of my husband's good friends taught English in China and Japan for a few years. It sounds like such an awesome experience!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Brooms in Korea work the same as American brooms?

Sounds like propaganda to me! Don't buy into it, Ant! FIGHT THE POWER!

Good job on the runs, sister!

Dani said...

Nice. I always give my roommate the "What?" when I do stuff, then she tells me its not normal. Then I laugh :) HHEHEHEHE

Glad your doing so well there!