The other night I had this crazy dream where I met the Dalai Lama. Most of you would probably have something profound to say, or an important, intelligent question to ask him. But, in my dream, I put on a Bangles album and taught him how to walk like an Egyptian.

Look that one up in your dream dictionary!

If I ever own a llama I'm totally naming it Dalai. HAHAHA!


Melanie said...

LMAO, that would be the best name for a llama ever!!!

achilles3 said...

Are smoking grass without me???

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Did you at least say - WAIT FOR IT!!1! - "Hello, Dalai"?

O, man, at least you didn't put on the parody version of that song:

"Walk With An Erection"

(Which is harder - in every sense - than walking like an Egpptian. Harder still: walking like an Egyptian with an erection - it simply can't be done, sister, IT CAN'T F*CKING BE DONE!1!!)

Anonymous said...

DO NOT BUY A LLAMA!!!!! i don't have room for it and we know what happens to your pets.

the mom